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Különösen nagy megtiszteltetés, hogy a franciaországi Wine.Perceptions Châteauneuf-du-Pape városából a Cult of Wine Villány, Művészpince borászatról egy bemutatkozó  publikációt készített, ahol nemzetközileg ismertette a pincészet borászati, kulturális és művészeti tevékenységét.  Átfogó képet adott a Wine&Art tevékenységünkről, melyben kifejtette üzleti stratégiánkat és filozófiánkat is. Eszerint a kiváló prémium kategóriás borok kóstolását kifejezetten ajánljuk magasfokú kulturális, illetve művészeti programokkal, rendezvényekkel társítani.

Élményt kínálunk, nem terméket.

A cikket Nicole Schmidt a Wine.Perceptions vezetője írta. Nagyon jó baráti hangulat jellemezte a közös munkát és a jövőben mindenképpen lesz folytatása a projektnek. Az érdekesség, hogy Nicolenak a művészeti munkáink keltették fel először az érdeklődését és az csak fokozta a szimpátiát, hogy francia szőlőfajtákból készült boraink vannak.

A Félelemnélküli Kislány Cabernet Sauvignon Premium 2013 és a Grand Salvador Premium 2008 cuvée kerültek szakmailag kiértékelésre, melyeket eredeti formájukban az alábbiakban mellékelünk.

Rémai Tamás / Cult of Wine Villány


Nicole Schmidt’s prologue from wine.perceptions

“So you would imagine how blissful it was for me to learn that Tamas Remai had a winery after already falling in love with his art. It was a very natural process actually. Mr. Remai is very open and ready to talk with you about his wine and the art he creates. His passions shows through his art and the wine I was so fortunate to taste for him. He is extremely kind and professional to work with and I was very pleased to have enjoyed his wine as much as I enjoyed our professional time together. I look forward to a long and continued collaboration in wine and art! Thank you Tamas for trusting me with your amazing wine and my review.”


Fearless Girl (Félelemnélküli kislány)

Cabernet Sauvignon  2013 Premium

Wine.Perceptions értékelés 2020/április – Wine  Review April of 2020

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The story of Cult of Wine Winery came to me by chance- I first feel in love with this gentleman's colorful artwork never knowing he had a winery. I had always found it curious as to why he so often put a bottle of art in his artwork. However, since I love art and as you know wine, I accepted the marriage of the two! I eventually however reached out and asked what the bottle of wine signified. This is when I learned that Sir. Tamás of Cult of Wine indeed had a winery- hence the name! He was so kind to spend time talking more in-depth about his art and of course his winery and how he got started- and this brings us here today- he sent me two of his top bottles he produces to try and post about. The first of which is as follows. Fearless girl 2013 Premium Coulor: Medium to dark. My wine glass resembled red stained glass! Fragrance: At first opening this wine exploded with rich earthy tones, and salty black olive. After decanting for 3 hours, lovely aromas of burnt toast, cured meat, sweet pipe tobacco, lingering earthy underground and wet rock with thick toffy, and a hint of black cherry enveloped my nose.  Taste: This wine gave a warm sensation in my mouth. Made me think of sitting next to a rumbling fire. Tannins were certainly present, hints of red bell pepper, herbs, and a nice dose of spicey black pepper that persisted and lingered en fin bouche. This wine was not overpowering but defiantly very present. This was by no means a fruity wine, it was gripping and made you desire a nice sized filet mignon stake to pare with it. Anytime a hearty meal was cooked I would think of this wine! This Hungarian Fearless girl red made me fearlessly hungry and thirsty for more! A major compliment in my book. Félelemnélküli kislány / Fearless girl 2013 Premium (Nobelsse) Cabernet Sauvignon 100% Vinatage: 2013 Alcohol content: 13,50% Vineyard: Pillangó in Nagytótfalu (Villany wine region) Vine load: 45q/ha Process: * Soaking 20 days in grape skins * 18 months barrel maturation (first filled oak barrel 500 liters & 225 liters) * minimum 4-5 years bottle maturation @cultofwine#wineart#photography#winetableau#travel#winestagram#winelover#wineinfo#winephotos#winerytour#paintings

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Fearless Girl Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 - Photo by wine.perceptions

Fearless Girl Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 – Photo by wine.perceptions

Grand Salvador Premium 2008

Wine.Perceptions értékelés 2020/április – Wine  Review April of 2020

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Most of you know by now the story of how I met Tamás Remai, the Winery owner of the Cult Of Wine. Below, I will be describing the second bottle that was sent to me for tasting. It's always bittersweet to complete your tastings with a winery you so get along with. There is nothing better than to be able to share your passion with the winery owners themselves. I am always touched by their trust and openness with me. It never goes unnoticed and is very much appreciated. A big shout out to Tamás Remai, Thank you for being available to me and sharing your knowledge. I hope to have the occasion to work together again in the future. Cult of Wine, of Art and Wine, go check them out! Grand Salvador 2008 Colour: Deep Ruby, like a jewel, that needed to be buffed. Fragrance: Strong aromas of strawberry and a hint of raspberry that enticed your nose. There is an obvious bouquet of freshly rolled cigar and black licorice. Notes of dried herbs and eucalyptus played hide and seek within the glass. Red chili pepper…..? Taste: Right away this wine screams smooth, balanced! Strong tannins are immediately present but surrender. Nice acidity. Medium-bodied. The aromas of this wine are subtle on the palate. Hints of strawberry and herbs. En fin bouche raspberry teased you again with its presence but the real surprise was the red chili pepper with just the right amount of spice! This Grand Salvador 2008 will be easy to pair. Gorgeous wine and very easy to drink! (I decanted this wine for two hours before starting my tasting.) Grand Salvador cuvée 2008 Premium (Noblesse) Cabernet Franc 60% / Cabernet Sauvignon 40% Dali Wine Collection Vintage: 2008 Alcohol content: 15,00% Vineyard: Bocor in Kisharsány & Pillangó in Nagytótfalu (both of place are part of Villany wine region) Vine load: 50q/ha Process: Soaking 20 days in grape skins 18 months barrel maturation (first filled oak barrel 500 liters & 225 liters) then the blending happens and minimum 4-5 years bottle maturation #wineart#photography#winebloger#winestagram#winelover#wineinfo#winephotos#foodandwine#wineparings#winestagram#redwine#winery#winegeek#youcansipwithus#winebytheglass#winelife#glassofwine#winetastings#winedrinker

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A félelemnélküli kislány – Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Premium

Grand Salvador Premium 2008